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NCS expert coding manual


This is an manual for coding your BMW car with NCS expert. The coding will happens with the coding tool ‚NCS Expert‘. If you have any questions leave a comment below to this article.

1. At first you have to connect the Interface (OBD wire) with your laptop and the diagnosis port from your car, after that turn your car on level 2

2. Now you have to start NCS experttool on your laptop

3. Now click on File -> load profil – > chose the expertmode and click on OK

4. Now press F1 (“FG/ZCS/FA”)

5. Now press F3n (“ZCS aus SG”)

6. Now you have to chose the series of your BMW, if you have the BMW Z4 it is ‚E85‘

7. After that you have to chose the first entry (AKMB)

8. If here will show up no error press F6 (‚back‘)

9. Now press F4 (“Process ECU”)

10. At this step you have to chose the electronic control unit you want to work on (A list with the BMW electronic control unit is available here: BMW ecu list)

11. Now press F2 (“job”)

12. In the next window chose ‚read ecu‘

13. Now press F3 (“execute job”)

14. Now the chosen ecu will be read and a file called ‚FSW-PSW.TRC‘ will be written to directory C:\NCSEXPER\WORK

15. Now we switch to Windows Explorer to directory C:\NCSEXPER\WORK (Dont close NCS expert, just minimize it)

16. Here you have to make a copy of the file FSW_PSW.TRC and paste it in the save folder

17. Now rename the copied file to FSW_PSW.MAN

18. Open FSW_PSW.MAN with windows-notepad

19. Here you have to change what ever you want.
nicht_aktiv is german for not activ
aktiv is german for activ
(A short overview about the coding comments for your bmw you can find here: BMW coding codes)

20. Now we can save and close the file

21. Now we switch back to NCS Expert (just call it back from the task bar)

22. Now click on file/profil edit and type in the password repxet

23. At the following window click FSW/PSW and activate ‚manupulate FSW/PSW with‘, after that click on OK and after taht again on OK

24. Press F2 (‚job‘)

25. chose ‚process ecu‘ and click OK

26. Press F3 (‚process job‘)

27. That’s it, now your ecu is active with it’s new data

After thaht switch of the car and plug of the OBD cable. At the next start of your car the changes will be activ – have fun! 🙂

Attention: I assume no liability for damage done by my instructions!


William Nanthavong 7. April 2013 um 01:54

I have a 2005 BMW 745i and I wanted to know if you can tell me how to code for the Aux onto my MMI screen or idrive thing. Please help me out if possible. Thanks. My number is 267-262-3709. Thanks


Time 23. März 2018 um 14:47

Ist es möglich die codierdaten/werte auf dem Gatewaymodul e60 Bzw junktionbox E90 auszulesen?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Pete Matthews 9. Juni 2019 um 07:50

how to program new transponder and remote key to 2002 bmw mini r50


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